Cristiana Morganti in Reggio Emilia

15-16 Feb.

In Moving with Pina. For many years, Cristiana Morganti was one of Pina Bausch’s dancers at the legendary Wuppertal Dance Theatre. Since Bausch’s death in 2009, she has been touring the world with her solo show Moving with Pina, a tribute to the “mother” of dance/theatre and an intense portrait of her own artistic life.

The solo is accompanied by spoken material, but the intensity of her performance transcends language as she describes how Bausch and her dancers collaborated on the creation of material. What Morganti underlines is above all the level of physical and emotional intelligence at which the company work; the magic of small detail that makes Bausch’s choreography so human and credible. Teatro Cavallerizza, tel. 0522458811,

Also in Turin on 21 Feb at Teatro Astra, tel. 011564352,