23 Feb 2005. In Cursive, choreography by Lin Hwai-min. This is Taiwans leading dance company, in Italy for a rare and precious performance. Of this particular work one of a vast repertoire artistic director and choreographer Lin Hwai-min writes: I am always fascinated by the way ink flows on rice paper. Tender and fluid, it creates rich shadings, from intense black to misty white. I hope Cursive conveys the rich dynamics of dancing characters in calligraphy and the serene and intense power of the empty space on the white paper. Lin Hwai-mins art feeds from Chinese martial arts tradition, broken here into a sequence of solos and ensembles that dominate the ten segments of the work. It is accompanied by the music of John Cage.

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Address Nuovo Teatro Comunale, tel. 0471304130.

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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

Nuovo Teatro Comunale, tel. 0471304130.