5 April 2004: John Dickie of University College London presents his new book Cosa nostra, a history of the Sicilian mafia (18.30). 13-16 April 2004: "International relations week" at the universitys new auditorium, with a presentation of the departments field trip to Pristina, Kosov (13 April 2004, 17.00), a talk on FAOs "year of rice" project (14 April 2004, 17.00), and a presentation on International relations in Ghana, featuring Ghanaian food and music (15 April 2004, 17.00). The event concludes with a conference entitled The new transatlantic relationship, exploring the divisions between parts of Europe and the US in the past two years (09.30-13.30), followed by a barbecue lunch.

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American University of Rome.

Via P. Roselli 4, tel. 0658330919.