Rome trash workers to get bonus for showing up to work

New mayor pledges to have Rome clean by Christmas amid drive to curb absenteeism in AMA.

Rome's refuse collection workers are to receive a bonus of up to €360 if they don't take any sick days off work between 22 November and 9 January.

The move is designed to incentivise employees of municipal rubbish collection company AMA to show up for work amid a concerted push to deal with the city's garbage crisis.

The bonus scheme, agreed between AMA and trade unions representing the company's more than 7,000 workers, comes after new mayor Roberto Gualtieri pledged to have the capital "clean by Christmas."

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that the city has set aside €3 million to fund the incentive for AMA employees, part of a €40 million drive to rid Rome's streets of built-up trash.

"Those who will not be absent" - reads a statement from AMA - "will have the greatest incentive", equal to €360, reports local media.

Workers who take a maximum of three days off between now and 9 January will receive a bonus of €260, while those who take five days off during this period will get an extra €200 in their pay packet.

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