Rome issues guidelines in event of snow

Rome issues online brochure to help residents in event of snow and ice.

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi has issued guidelines to help the city's residents in the event of ice and snow as temperatures in the capital this week are set to drop to below 0° Celsius at night.

In the event of snowfall, the city has requested business owners to keep the pavements within two metres of their premises clear of snow. Residents are advised to limit their movements, avoid two-wheeled vehicles and stay away from trees.

Motorists are asked to drive with caution in snow / icy conditions, mounting winter tyres or carrying snow chains on board their vehicles. Drivers should also check their battery, window wipers and coolant levels.

In the event of a sudden drop in temperatures, below zero degrees centigrade, home-owners are advised to keep open the household taps nearest the main water supply, to prevent pipes from freezing and consequently bursting.

Access to the river Tiber in the city remains prohibited until 18 January. For more information see city website or contact the civil protection authority on the 24-hour helpline, tel. 800854854.