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Rome bids farewell to Jonathan's Angels legend

Jonathan was one of Rome's colourful characters.

Nino Medros, best known as the owner of the extravagant Jonathan's Angels bar in the historic centre of Rome, died on Monday at the age of 83.


Synonymous with Roman nightlife in the streets around Piazza Navona, Medros was a colourful character known as Jonathan il pittore (Jonathan the painter).


Originally from Sardinia, Medros is best associated with Jonathan's Angels (later known as Mons), a unique cocktail bar on Via della Fossa near Piazza del Fico.


He decorated the landmark bar in an eclectic style with paintings and mirrors, in a homage to kitsch and pop art, with guests stunned to find a fountain in the bathroom.


Jonathan made a name for himself as one of the painters in Piazza Navona before launching the bar that brought him fame. 


He was also an acrobat and stunt performer and made cameo appearances in numerous films.


Most recently he appeared in a documentary about the depopulation of Rome's historic centre.


News of Jonathan's death posted on the Facebook page 'Ventanni di Roma by Night' sparked hundreds of comments, many of which hailed him as a "legendary" figure who presided over countless "unforgettable nights".


Photo Corriere della Sera

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