The British Embassy in Rome has issued a reminder to Britons resident in Rome of a European Commission directive that came into force in April regarding the free movement and residence rights of European Union (EU) nationals (and which is therefore applicable to all Rome residents from other EU countries).

EU nationals staying in Italy for less than three months require only an ID document valid for travel abroad. Those staying in Italy for more than three months should register with the national register office (anagrafe), but no longer need to have a permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno).

The directive also sets down requirements for health cover. Those staying for less than three months need a valid travel document and the entitlement form E106. Failure to produce the E106 will mean that the cost of any treatment an EU citizen receives abroad may be charged directly to the individual. For those staying for longer than three months, an EU national should register with the Italian national health service.

Information required for registration with the national register office and the national health service depends on individual circumstances, and for more information see