Letter arrives in Rome 22 years late

Letter posted in northern Italy in 1992 arrives in Rome in 2015

A Wanted in Rome reader has reported receiving a letter to his Rome workplace 22 years after it was posted in northern Italy.

The letter was posted on 29 May 1992 in Revere, a small town near Mantua, but did not arrive in Rome until 27 January 2015.

It is not the first time that Roman post has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Last May a postman driving through Porta Maggiore in the middle of the night was caught in possession of almost 4,000 undelivered letters and packages, later admitting that he planned to destroy the mail, some of which was two years old.

In May 2013 police on Rome's Corso Italia found an abandoned stolen car containing four sacks of 1,000 letters, all of which had postage stamps affixed but had not been franked by the post office.

In March 2013 police arrested a postman in Subiaco, to the east of the Rome province, for failing to deliver mail over a three year-period, in order to return home early.

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