Lego Colosseum on Rome's Pincio

Children and adults to build a Colosseum mosaic at Pincio.

Children of all ages in Rome can participate in building a giant Lego Colosseum during the weekend of 12-13 September, from 10.00-19.00.

The Lego-themed event, backed by the city, takes place across the Pincio terrace, overlooking Piazza del Popolo.

Younger children will be able to immerse themselves in tubs of Duplo bricks while their older peers and parents can add to the Colosseum mosaic or join in the fun by leaving their mark inside a giant Lego cube.

The city's culture councillor Giovanna Marinelli said that the completed Colosseum mosaic would go on future display in Rome, adding that "the imagination of children is among the most important symbols of this city."