Lazio Region to plant six million trees

Oxygen project will see Lazio Region plant a tree for each citizen.

The Lazio Region, which includes the Rome area, is to plant six million new trees: one for each citizen.

This is the target of Ossigeno (Oxygen), a €12 million project which will see native trees and shrubs planted throughout the region over the next three years.

The project is designed to set a regional example of environmental sustainability, improving air quality and investing in the region's green spaces.

Ossigeno will see the first trees planted in parks and gardens around public schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, museums, cultural institutes and libraries, whose commitment will be "fundamental to the project's success."

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Citizens and private companies are also invited to participate, with the region on hand to provide advice on the choice of trees and the most suitable areas to host them.

The project begins on 21 November, National Tree Day, when the Lazio Region will plant the first 30,000 trees and shrubs.

For full details see Lazio Region website while for insights into Rome's trees see Wanted in Rome feature article.

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Lazio Region to plant six million trees

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