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Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
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Lazio fans want the Flaminio to be their home stadium

The Flaminio Stadium could be home to the Lazio football team.

Lazio fans have announced a sit-in under the Curva Nord of the Flaminio. The stadium, however, has to deal with the constraints that seem to hinder reconstruction.

Redeveloping the Stadio Flaminio to turn it into the home stadium for the Lazio football team. Supporters of the Lazio football team have no doubts that the Stadio Flaminio should be redeveloped into the home stadium for the “biancocelesti”. The team must play in the facility designed by Antonio and Pier Luigi Nervi. And to assert their intention, they have decided to rally.

An unprecedented demise 

"Flaminio Stadium has been living for 10 years in total abandonment, in a situation of degradation never seen for an asset subject to protection by the Superintendence of Fine Arts. The policy has been telling us for years that the structure is subject to various constraints difficult to overcome.

We believe instead that the constraints, now present, can be overcome with projects that preserve the historical structure designed by Nervi but at the same time comply with the FIGC and UEFA regulations to host national and international competitions," reads the Instagram account of the Voce della Nord (“Voice of the North”).

A political problem

According to Lazio team supporters, the problem "is strictly political" and is not being addressed because "the Municipality of Rome," according to Voce della Nord, "does not want to take responsibility for a battle that we define as one of 'civilization' so that this long-standing problem is resolved. How do we then arrive at "a solution between the public and private interests in order to reopen the gates of this glorious facility".

A mobilization underneath the stadium

Fans of Lazio have decided to take the field in order to give their team the possibility "to come up with their own redevelopment project for the use of the facility".  They have made an appointment on Thursday, September 2.  "From 17.30 to 20.00 we will be under the north curve of the Flaminio stadium, in compliance with covid 19 regulations, to make the voice of Lazio heard, you should not miss it". 

Biancocelesti fans have expressed their goal clearly on Instagram: "We want the Flaminio stadium for its history, it must return as the stadium of SS Lazio without ifs and buts". Therefore, the next mayor "must ensure that this important work returns the stadium to its glory and the functions for which it was built".


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