Italian politicians and officials, Vatican clerics and members of the diplomatic corps paid their respects throughout Sunday 3 April to the late Pope John Paul II, whose body is lying in state in the Vatican.

The pope died of septic shock and heart failure at 21.37 on Saturday 2 April after a long illness, according to an official medical bulletin released on Sunday.

On Monday the popes body dressed in crimson and white vestments and wearing a white bishops mitre will be moved from the Clementine Room on the second floor of the Apostolic Palace to St Peters basilica, where it will lie in state for public viewing until the funeral, which is not expected to take place before Thursday. The college of cardinals will decide the exact time of the transfer of the popes body at their first meeting on Monday 4 April at 10.30; however, it is expected to take place at around 17.00. For now, it is not clear what route the cortege will take.

Also on Monday, the Vatican Museums will remain closed as a sign of mourning. As of Sunday 3 April, the Italian government has declared three days of national morning, in addition to mourning on the day of the funeral.