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Italy's Måneskin set to conquer the world: New York Times

After huge success in Italy, could the Rome band be on the brink of global fame?

Italian rockers Måneskin are the subject of a praise-laden article in The New York Times which suggests the Rome band - fresh from Eurovision triumph - could be on the cusp of achieving global stardom.

Under the title They Won Eurovision. Can They Conquer The World?, the article mentions celebrity record executive Simon Cowell of X-Factor fame as a possible successor to long-time manager Marta Donà with whom the band parted ways abruptly last month.

Måneskin has had a phenomenally successful 2021 so far, winning Italy's national music festival Sanremo in March, then claiming victory at Eurovision in May with the winning song Zitti e Buoni.

The catchy track (whose title is translated as 'Shut Up and Behave' by the NYT) recently landed in the Top 10 on Spotify's global chart – a first for an Italian act – racking up over 100 million plays on the audio streaming platform.

As for the winning Eurovision song, the article states: "It celebrates individuality and marching to the beat of one’s drum, or guitar riff. The refrain repeats: “We’re out of our minds, but we’re different from them.”'

The article, written by Elisabetta Povoledo, notes that although Eurovision fame tends to be short-lived, Måneskin could be destined to become a "rare long-term Eurovision success story."

Måneskin celebrating Eurovision success

The band, comprising Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio, has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the Italian music industry since forming in Rome in 2015.

Known for a unique sound fusing punk-funk and glam rock, the group has come a long way after several years honing its act by entering battle-of-the-bands competitions and busking on the streets of the Italian capital.

In 2017 Måneskin finished second in Italy's talent show X Factor, an experience which proved to be a springboard for greater things to come.

The NYT also article refers to the "postcurtain controversy" when rumours spread that Damiano David was sniffing cocaine, on live television, on the night of the Eurovision win.

Photos and footage of the alleged incident went viral but David denied any wrongdoing and took a drug test to prove it.

After the result came back negative, the European Broadcasting Union competition organisers issued a statement saying that “no drug use took place” and that it "considered the matter closed."

The article makes reference to the band's distinctive image too: "With its carefully curated, stylish androgynous nonchalance – accessorised with high heels, black nail polish and smoky eyes – Maneskin break down gender barriers and champion self-expression."

Quoting bassist De Angelis: “For us, music is passion, fun, something that lets us blow off steam,” the article says: "this is no surprise to anyone who has seen Maneskin perform live," describing the band as a "high-octane powerhouse of onstage charisma and youthful energy."

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