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Italy's Country Cousins say Måneskin copying their look

Outburst by 1970s Rome band triggers huge response on social media.

A veteran Italian pop band called I Cugini di Campagna (The Country Cousins) has complained that Eurovision winners Måneskin are "copying their clothes."

The band, formed in the 1970s, triggered a storm on social media with a Facebook post comparing their frontman Nick Luciani with Måneskin lead singer Damiano David, both dressed in star spangled outfits based on the US flag.

The post on Sunday evening featured a photo of Damiano from Måneskin's well-received opening performance for the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas at the weekend.

The Cugini then fired off a second post directed at Måneskin with a challenge to "Do something better, like we did with your Zitti e Buoni", the hit song that won the Eurovision for Italy this year.

Despite some commentators suggesting the outburst was tongue-in-cheek rather than confrontional, The Country Cousins have generated a sea of comments, many of them ironic, provoking both outrage and hilarity in Italy.

Who are I Cugini di Campagna

Founded in Rome in 1970, I Cugini di Campagna are known for the use of falsetto and for their eccentric look, a cross between glam and kitsch.

I Cugini di Campagna

The group achieved success in the 1970s and 1980s with songs such as Il ballo di Peppe, Anima mia and Solo con te.

The CdC has continued in various guises from 1970 until today. Here they are performing Zitti e Buoni last month:

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