Italy to save energy by turning down heat this winter

Heating to be cut by 1°C as Italy aims to save energy.

Italy is to turn down the heating in homes and businesses this winter as part of energy-saving plans to cut gas consumption and reduce the risks linked to a "potential total interruption" of gas flows from Russia.

The plan, announced on Tuesday by Italy's ecological transition ministry, aims to save around 5.3 billion cubic metres of gas.

Under the new regulations, the temperature in homes and industrial buildings this winter will be set at a maximum of 17° and in other buildings at 19°, in both cases a reduction of 1°C.

The period in which buildings are heated over the winter will also be cut by 15 days - with the heat switched on eight days later and turned off seven days earlier - as well as one hour less heating every day.

Hospitals will be exempt from the energy-saving measures.

Italy will also launch an awareness campaign aimed as promoting energy-conscious behaviour in relation to the consumption of gas and electricity.

People will be encouraged to reduce the temperature and duration of showers, to wait for a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher, and to unplug electrical appliances when not in use.