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Italy: Joe Biden pops up in Naples Christmas crib

Joe Biden soon to be joined in Naples crib by Kamala Harris.

Naples is renowned for its Christmas crib tradition and each year people look forward to seeing who the "new entries" will be - often figures from the world of politics, sport or entertainment.

It comes as now surprise, then, that US president-elect Joe Biden is the latest high-profile figure to be honoured by the great Neapolitan tradition, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Biden's debut in a Naples crib scene comes courtesy of artisan Genny Di Virgilio who has reproduced a painted terracotta figurine of the future US president in the traditional techniques used by the master craftsmen of S. Gregorio Armeno.

Genny Di Virgilio in his workshop. Photo TGcom24-Mediaset.

''The nativity scene, in the past as in the present, always represents scenes of everyday life and it is natural that we too, in making it, are inspired by what is happening around us," Di Virgilio told ANSA.

Reflecting the covid-19 pandemic, most of the figurines - with the exception of the Holy Family - are wearing face masks.

Di Virgilio, who believes that Biden's election victory was "one of the few good news stories of 2020," told ANSA that a figurine of US vice president-elect Kamala Harris is "in the works".

Cover photo ANSA

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