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Italy hosts Africa Summit in Rome

First major event of Italy’s G7 presidency held in Rome.

Italian premier Giorgia Meloni on Monday called for a new partnership with Africa during a summit of African leaders in Rome, in the first major event of Italy's Group of Seven (G7) presidency.

Addressing 25 African leaders and top European Union officials in the Italian senate, Meloni said that Africa "will have a place of honour" on the agenda of Italy's year-long presidency of the G7.

Meloni outlined a programme of initiatives under the so-called Mattei Plan, with funding of €5.5 billion, aimed at channelling African energy through Italy while investing in Africa in a bid to curb immigration.

The Italian prime minister described the development plan as "ambitious but extremely concrete", based on three pillars: "education and training, health, agriculture, water and energy".

"We believe it is possible to envision and write a new chapter in our relationship involving cooperation between equals, far removed from any predatory temptation and charitable approach towards Africa", Meloni said.

At the start of this year Italy assumed the presidency of the G7, the intergovernmental political and economic forum that comprises Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US, with the participation of the EU.

The main event of Italy's G7 presidency - the summit of G7 leaders - will be held in Italy's south-eastern Puglia region on 13-15 June.

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