Italy faces national public transport strike on Friday 16 September

Unions call public transport strike over safety of workers.

Commuters in Italy face widespread disruption on local public transport networks on Friday 16 September due to an eight-hour strike.

The nationwide protest has been organised by public transport unions in response to "the violent and repeated attacks on drivers, controllers, stationmasters, ferry and vaporetto employees, registered across the country in recent months".

Describing the situation as "intolerable", unions say as that no action has been taken, workers have no choice but to strike until new measures are introduced.

The strike comes a week after rail employees in Italy went on strike to highlight the same issue, following a recent assault on a train conductor in Naples.

The strike timetable varies from city to city: in Rome it is from 08.30-16.30, Milan 08.45 to 15.00, Venice 16.00 to midnight, Bologna 08.30-16.30, Genoa 09.30-17.00, Florence 15.30-23.30 and Naples 09.00-17.00.

Photo credit Stefano Carnevali /