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Naples pizzeria adds gas charge to bill as Italy's energy prices soar

Italy's bars and restaurants face crippling energy bills.

An historic pizzeria in Naples has published a "provocative" receipt charging customers a nominal contribution towards its gas bills as energy prices in Italy continue to soar.

Pizzeria Gorizia, which opened in the southern Italian city over a century ago, has sparked debate on social media as Italy's restaurateurs - and their customers - battle rising gas and electricity bills.

This has prompted many bars and restaurants in Italy to raise their prices - along with other cost-cutting measures including closing early or using candles - to survive.

In the case of Pizzeria Gorizia, owner Salvatore Grasso said he has been left "with his back against the wall" after receiving an energy bill of €8,300 - triple the amount compared to the same period last year.

Grasso said that the massive bills have forced him to "adjust" the price of a pizza Margherita in his restaurant from €6.50 to €8, with the takeaway price rising from €4.50 to €5.50.

In the itemised receipt posted online - which has no fiscal value - the pizzeria charged €0.50 for gas, €1.20 for energy and €1.50 for rent. Grasso said his "provocation" served as an "explanation" for his price hikes.

The debate comes amid a nationwide campaign by bars and restaurants to publicly display their 'monster' energy bills to highlight the serious situation faced by Italian business owners who claim they are left with two choices: raise their prices or shut down.

Photo Il Mattino

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