Italians revolted by Gordon Ramsay's 'nightmare' carbonara

Ramsay's carbonara sparks social media horror in Italy.

When British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay posted a picture of the "most amazing carbonara" on his Twitter page, little did he realise the reaction he would receive from Italians.

Ramsay's video recipe and photograph of the gloopy yellow-orange pasta dish has provoked a tidal wave of horrified comments on social media from Italy.

Revolted Italians have labelled Ramsay's creation a plate of "yellow soup", "joke", a "caricature", even a "disgusting mess".

Italians have accused Ramsay of using "too much egg yolk" in his sauce which was "too yellow and runny", with one person commenting: "five hens died to supply that quantity of eggs."

Other Italians claimed that their mother's carbonara was far superior to Ramsay's and suggested that the outspoken chef pay a visit to Rome to study how to make the real thing.

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