Lucky parents can receive a 1000 baby bonus for every child born or adopted in 2005 (and not just for second children as first planned), alongside a cheque for 160 for any children under three years of age (those born or adopted from 1 January 2003). From the 1.14 billion family funding pot, parents are also entitled to a 120 tax break when registering their children at private nurseries. Moreover, assistance has rained down on parents of handicapped children only until the end of the year, as major changes have been made to state funding for families. Despite strong opposition from the Union of Christian Democrats (UDC) party in the governing coalition the baby bonus will end on new years day 2006, along with a number of other family benefits. These include help with gas and electricity payments, which are set to be replaced by a new regime of tax write-offs, funded by higher bills for business.