A treat is in store for lovers of gold and jewellery at a special exhibition from 11 November-26 February entitled I Castellani e oreficeria archeologica italiana.

In the second half of the 19th century, the rich in Rome went to the Castellani family business at the Piazza Fontana di Trevi to admire and to buy cameos and gems, beautiful antique jewellery and perfect reproductions of Greek, Roman and Etruscan jewellery made by the Castellani using antique models and techniques. As their fame spread the jewellery made by the family was sold all over Europe. A splendid collection of this jewellery, along with ceramics and bronzes, was given to the Italian state in 1919. More than 250 pieces will be on display at the exhibition, which has already been in New York and London, including additional items on loan from private and public collections worldwide.

I Castellani e oreficeria archeologica italiana at the Museo Nazionale Etrusca in Piazzale di Via Giulia 9. The museum is open from 08.30-19.30, closed on Mon. For information tel. 0682077304.