Covid: Italy set to lift last mask rules on 15 June

Italy's mask wearing rules are due to expire next week.

Italy is set to lift the last remaining requirements to wear masks indoors after 15 June, health undersecretary Andrea Costa said in a radio interview on Wednesday.

"From 15 June, I believe we will remove the latest restrictive measures such as the use of masks indoors" - Costa told RAI state radio - "The government's goal has always been to create the conditions for co-existence with the covid-19 virus."

Under current rules, FFP2 masks must be worn until 15 June on local and long-distance public transport in Italy - including buses, trams, subways, trains, ferries and planes.

Masks must also be be worn until 15 June in cinemas and theatres, hospitals and care homes, indoor sporting events and concerts, schools and universities.

Amid debate about whether or not to extend the mask requirements on public transport, health minister Roberto Speranza told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera recently that the government would "certainly be able" to end the mask mandate in cinemas and theatres after 15 June.

For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy see the health ministry website.