Covid-19: Italy's museums see 75 per cent drop in visitors in 2020

State museums in Italy take in €60 million last year compared to €240 million in 2019.

Italy's state museums witnessed an average decrease of 75 per cent in visitors in 2020, due to the fall-off in tourists and lockdowns related to covid-19, according to the Italian culture ministry.

State museums and archaeological sites also suffered a major drop in ticket sales last year, taking in €60 million compared to €240 million the year before.

The data from the culture ministry, reported by Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, appeared originally in an article published by the weekly magazine Famiglia Cristiana.

Specifically, the findings showed that the Archaeological Park of Pompeii recorded a drop in visitors of 85 per cent, the Colosseum by 80 per cent, the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria by 75 per cent, the Egyptian Museum in Turin and the Uffizi Galleries in Florence by 70 per cent, the Gallerie dell Accademia in Venice by 68 per cent.

"To overcome this crisis," said Massimo Osanna, the director general of Italy's state museums, "places of culture must rethink their role, transforming themselves into centres open to the community for multiple activities."

Museums must become increasingly attractive for those who live in the surrounding area,” continues Osanna, “they must be open places, where you go to admire a masterpiece, but also to meet other people or participate in an event.”

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