Certified ESL Teacher From USA With Experience working abroad.

Hello, my name is William and I am an English teacher. I’m originally from California the United States but currently, I live and teach English in Spain but I am looking to move to teach in Italy. In University I studied Anthropology which is the study of human culture so I have always been interested in traveling learning new languages and experiencing different cultures from around the world. After I finished my degree, I got my TEFL certification to teach English as a second language and I moved to Barcelona Spain where I currently live. I have been teaching here for around a year and a half. I have enjoyed it a lot. It lets me have new experiences while making a positive impact on peoples live. I have also gained a lot of experience as a teacher within that time.

My teaching experience makes me an ideal candidate for a teaching position. I completed a TEFL certification course with the International TEFL Academy. It was 150 hours of coursework, with 20 hours of volunteer teaching. The course taught me how to properly conduct a classroom and plan engaging lessons. I learned many different teaching methods and styles that I have put to use in my experience as a teacher. Once I moved to Spain, I was hired by an English teaching Agency. They provided private classes to primarily children in Barcelona. I was responsible for making lesson plans that ensured that my students learned. Since I was teaching children, I really had to make sure that my lesson plans weren’t only effective but fun and engaging as well. I also have experience as an Online ESL teacher. I currently work for a company based in China that provides lessons to young children that I teach through my computer. I have to make sure that my students understand the material but that they are also engaged and have fun learning the lessons. All of this experience has made me an effective at teaching English to students second language learners.

I am able to move to Italy this September. I am looking forward to living and working in Italy ideally for the course of the school year. Thank you for taking the time to review my Cover Letter and Resume. I hope that my skills and qualifications meet what you are looking for in a teacher. Feel free to contact me any time with any questions that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


William Celaya

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Address Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Certified ESL Teacher From USA With Experience working abroad.

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy