Appia Antica

One of the most beautiful consular roads of ancient Rome, the Appia Antica gives an idea of Romes's past beauty and glory. You will find many archaeological sites along this road, and even the first signs of Christian culture: the catacombs. There are numerous luxury villas in private gardens along the Appia Antica, many owned by celebrities. It is not far from the centre and public transport is reasonably efficient.

The area is full of public parks and luckily, in this case, not many shops. Obviously the price of accommodation in this zone is very high. There are several good restaurants and parts of the Appia Antica are now a city park and closed to all traffic on Sundays. Because the villas are somewhat isolated there is something of a security problem here.

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Address Appia Antica, Rome

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Appia Antica

Appia Antica, Rome

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