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AUR 1920 x 116
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BARBEQUE: /ˈbɑːbɪkjuː/; noun.

Rude wooden framework for supporting above a fire meat

that is to be smoked or dried.

(Oxford English Dictionary)

We want to replicate the American method of SMOKE RING and offer the true experience you would get in the real USA smokehouses .

Opposed to grilling, where the cuts of meat are placed on a grid and exposed directly to the heat of the flame,  we smoke the meat at low temperatures with the use of wood or coal that burn without flame, thereby allowing the meat to absorb the smoke and achieve a level of tenderness and flavor really unparalleled.

Come tutte le smokehouse americane, lo SR si caratterizza da un ambiente facile, informale e familiare. Abbiamo installato lunghe tavolate assemblate a mano da enormi tavole grezze di Douglasia, per ospitare diversi gruppi insieme.

Like all American smokehouse, the SR is characterized by an easy and familiar environment. We have set up long tables assembled by hand to accommodate different groups together.

Da noi si ordina al banco, scegliendo o facendosi consigliare, giusto il tempo di prendere da bere, e l’ordine arriva al tavolo. La nostra carne viene servita a peso, pezzi o panini, in un vassoio su carta da macellaio.

Here you can order at the counter, choosing yourself or taking advice, just long enough to get a drink, and the order arrives at the table. Our meat is served in weight, pieces or rolls, in a tray on butcher paper.

General Info

Address Via Portuense, 86
Phone number 065814400
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Smokering Rome

Via Portuense, 86

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