Venice and Locarno films in Rome

14-20 Sept. Rome celebrates the 74th edition of the Venice Film Festival and the 70th edition of the Locarno Film Festival, with Da Venezia a Roma, taking place in 11 Rome cinemas from 14-20 September.
Over the course of a week, film lovers in the capital and around Lazio are treated to a cross section of more than 40 films from Venice and Locarno, all screened in their original language with Italian subtitles.
There are 11 cinemas taking part in the initiative which is now in its 23rd year and is organised by Italy’s culture ministry, Rome and Anec Lazio, the regional branch of the Italian association of cinema owners.
Participating cinemas in Rome include the Adriano, Eden, Giulio Cesare, Nuovo Sacher, Intrastevere, Barberini, Savoy, Mignon, Farnese, Quattro Fontane and Greenwich, many of which regularly show films in English.
Tickets cost €7 (€6 reduced). For full information see website.