Romaeuropa Festival 2018: Between Worlds

Rome's multidisciplinary arts festival Romaeuropa continues to expand and offers an exciting international programme for 2018.

19 Sept-25 Nov. The 33rd edition of Rome's multidisciplinary Romaeuropa Festival is a particularly international affair this year, with 311 artists from 24 countries contributing to the programme of contemporary dance, theatre, art, music, film and technology
Under the title "Between Worlds", the festival continues to expand, with 27 venues across Rome hosting 68 projects, 168 shows, 38 national premieres and more than 60 companies of which 40 are collaborating with Romaeuropa for the first time. Artistic director Fabrizio Grifasi describes the 2018 programme as a "World Festival", crossing themes, generations and borders. 

Kirina premieres in Italy at Romaeuropa Festival (19-22 September).

Divided into categories Stories, Visions and Sounds, highlights this year include the opening show Kirina by choreographer Sergè-Aime Coulibaly and his Faso Dance Théatre from Burkina Faso, a lively display of dance and music uniting African and western cultures (19-22 Sept); a free screening of The Congo Tribunal, a film by the acclaimed Swiss director Milo Rau and the International Institute of Political Murder (8 Nov); or Minefield in which Argentine director Lola Arias stages a confrontation between Argentine and British veterans of the Falklands / Malvinas war (16-18 Nov). 

The Congo Tribunal by Swiss director Milo Rau for Romaeuropa Festival on 8 November.

A theatrical highlight on the Romaeuropa 2018 programme is certainly the Italian premiere of The Prisoner by Peter Brook with Marie Hèlène Estienne (11-20 Oct), in English with Italian surtitles. The play, which revolves around a man sitting alone in front of a giant prison in the desert, examines questions of redemption and asks what justice means "in a world where prisoners and guards face each other with the same questions." There is also musical theatre to look forward to with The diary of One who Disappeared by Dutch director Ivo Van Hove with Toneelgroep Amsterdam, based on the 22-scene song cycle by Czech composer Leoš Janáček (6 Oct). 

Romaeuropa stages the Italian premiere of The Prisoner by Peter Brook, in English (11-20 October).

There are also numerous children's events, under the umbrella REF Kids, as well as the ninth edition of the parallel futuristic section Digitalife, which examines the interaction between visual arts and technology
For full programme and ticket details see Romaeuropa website.

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Romaeuropa Festival 2018: Between Worlds

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