Outdoor Urban Art Festival

Under the theme Moving Forward, the fifth edition of Outdoor Urban Art Festival is based at a 5,000-sqm disused customs building in the S. Lorenzo quarter.

Once again international artists have been invited to leave their mark on Rome, each offering a unique interpretation of public space and all working together to transform the city.

The festival continues its quest to promote Rome as a centre of urban art and organisers say the initiative takes place in a spirit of renewal.

Over five weeks the building's long-abandoned rooms and corridors will be decorated with site-specific installations by 15 street artists from six countries, including France, Greece, Japan, Norway and Italy (mostly Rome), as well as South Africa's Faith 47 and JackFox, and Buff Monster from the US.

Since the festival began five years ago, certain Roman districts such as Garbatella, S. Paolo and Ostiense have literally been transformed by urban art.

The S. Lorenzo site can be visited each weekend and visitors can also enjoy related events including guided tours, live music and street food.

The event opens on 25 October at 19.00, with a concert at 22.00. For full programme and more information on participating artists, see festival website.

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Address Dogana, Via dello Scalo di S. Lorenzo 10.
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Outdoor Urban Art Festival

Dogana, Via dello Scalo di S. Lorenzo 10.