100 painters on Via Margutta

Rome welcomes the return of this historic open-air art event, now it 94th edition.

This year's festival is curated by its president Alberto Vespaziani, and features over 3,000 works by more than 100 artists, whom the public can meet during the four-day event.

Located near Piazza del Popolo and Via del Babuino, the fashionable Via Margutta is occupied mainly by upmarket art galleries and antique shops. The street developed into an exclusive neighbourhood following the release of the hugely-popular film Roman Holiday whose character Joe Bradley, played by Gregory Peck, lived in number 51.

Incidentally, the launch of the 100 Pittori festival occurred the same year Roman Holiday was released: 1953. The tradition began in the autumn of that year thanks to the spontaneous initiative of Via Margutta's painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and craftsmen who moved in to the street in the aftermath of world war two. 

Free entry, for more details see website.