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Where to buy shoes in Rome

What kind of shoes a real Italian wears really comes down to personal preference. Here’s a handful of places to buy shoes in Rome.

A quick internet search of “shoes in Rome” will illicit hundreds of results from websites, tourist message boards, blog posts and Google Maps.The majority of these involve the custom Italian shoe fantasy that is heavily marketed to tourists in Italy. These high priced, made to measure shoes, however, are not the norm for a local. Romans tend to favor a balance between fashion, utility and quality, in a variety of price ranges and for an array of purposes.

Young people wouldn’t often be seen in a handcrafted leather shoe; you’ll see the youths on the street in dirtied Adidas Superstars (always a classic), athletic-looking Puma’s or any other kind of classic sneaker, oftentimes stacked high to give the wearer some height. These are not workout shoes, but rather city shoes.

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Others prefer high-quality, dependable shoes that are veritable works of art and fashion. Cecci and Brugnoli, two shops listed in the article, provide for that on both ends of the spectrum. The former is on the cutting edge of design, with their website advertising items like“Animal Print Pumps” with the slogan “Returning motifs that never fail to catch our eye: tartan and animal print patterns are the timeless and charming macro-trends of the season”. Brugnoli, on the other hand, offers timeless men’s style with high-quality craftsmanship and classic design.

And then there’s the so-called “fast fashion”. Shops like Zara and H&M  sell a variety of clothes including shoes for very affordable prices.

Trendy shoes 

Puma Store Roma

The PUMA store is a great option if you like the contemporary brands. The sotre offers a wide range of options for both men and women’s shoes, from city sneakers to workout shoes. They aren’t cheap: a pair of ‘Cali Glow’ will set you back €100. They offer men and women’s styles of shoes, workout clothes and jackets. The store in Rome is located right in the famous shopping district of  Via del Corso.Address: Via del Corso 404.

Suede Store 

Suede Store’s front page highlights the Adidas Superstar 2020, a very trendy shoe in Rome at the moment. They also sell Reebok, Yeezy and Nike shoes, all of which are very popular in Europe. Suede offers name-brand shoes and clothes for both men and women, and also allows online orders from a very streamlined and modern website. They also have multiple physical locations around the city center in Rome - near Via Cavour in Monti.Address: Men’s Store - Via degli Zingari 58.

Address: Women’s Store - Via dei Serpenti 127.

Foot Locker Rome

Foot Locker is a well-known American brand, hailing from California. Famous for spreading internationally and today has stores all over Europe, including more than ten in Rome. Locations include near Termini station, Via Del Corso, Prati and Portuense, with more scattered a bit further from the center. Foot Locker Italy offers the most-on trend fashions in sneakers all in one place, similar to a Suede. This includes the popular raised FILA shoes and old-school Converse. No matter where you go, branded shoes aren’t usually cheap in Italy and Foot Locker is no exception - a pair of Chucks will cost €69.99.Addresses: Termini Location: C.C. Forum, Stazione Termini, 00185 Roma RM

City Center Location: Via del Corso, 475, 00186 Roma RM

Prati Location: Via Ottaviano 1/3, Angolo, Piazza del Risorgimento, 22/23/24/25/26, 00192 Roma RM

Portuense Location: Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 173/177, 00146 Roma RM 

Fast Fashion shoes


H&M is a classic place to pick up clothes of all styles. H&M Rome offers the same things that the other H&M’s do, which can be comforting if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choice. They’re also very affordable. H&M has done a lot to raise its ethical standards, including its pledging to use renewable energy and maximize energy efficiency in its operations by 2040 and use 100% sustainable and recyclable materials by 2030. H&M offers sneakers and also boots, stilettos and sandals, depending on the season. As a bonus, they also offer a large selection of affordable mens and womens socks - a 7 pack is only 10 euros.The most popular location is on Via Del Corso 442.


Zara is one of the most up-to-the-minute, hot brands out there right now. It boasts an air of elegance but with the feeling of an H&M. Zara offers a lot of fashion trends and also shoes. They have their own brand  for nearly any occasion; shoes for business, nightclubs or streetwear can all be had en masse, including children’s shoes. The prices are fair, with some pairs starting at €29.99 and going to €79.99, but often prices can be marked down lower depending on the season.They have a very large store right in the city center at Via del Corso 189.

Traditional shoes

Davide Cenci

Davide Cenci is a famous Italian designer clothes brand, dating back to 1926. They offer modern, stylish clothes for men and women. The designs are sleek and classic. They do sell fashion sneakers but they also offer gorgeous, supple leather boots and pumps for women and dress shoes for men. The prices vary but can range from €150 to more than 600 per pair.They have a walk-in shop in the Rome city center at Via di Campo Marzio 1-7.


Brugnoli is what you think of when you think `shoes in Rome”. They are made by hand to the highest specifications. The shop itself is another long-standing member of the community, having been founded in 1969 by Carlo Burgnoli. A quick trip to their Facebook page illustrates all of the behind the scenes work that goes on in their shop, with the materials to create works of art stacked high against the walls. Although the shop looks like it belongs in another era of fine craftsmanship, the website is modern and well-designed, so you can look ahead before you shop. The crowning jewel of Brugnoli is the men’s dress shoes. Usually made of fine leather, they can run from €200 to more almost €700.Located near Ottaviano metro at Via degli Scipioni 35a.


Rinascente is a high-end department store chain. They play host to a number of very expensive, quality designer brands. Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and other designers can be found there for both men and women’s shoes, clothes and accessories. They also have hard-to-find brands like Doc Martens and Birkenstock. Address:  Via del Tritone 61.
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