Fiumicino Airport

According to a report in the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera there has been a greater increase in flight connections out of Leonardo da Vinci international airport this year than at any other European airport. And more are scheduled this month with Aer Lingus, China Eastern, Emirates, Gulf Airways, Qatar, Kenya Airways, all increasing connections.

Aeroporti di Roma (AdR) is estimating that in the next eight years the number of passengers arriving at Fiumicino will go from the present 36 million to 50 million a year. If this is true then AdR, the operator of the site, better do some serious thinking about its number-one airport. At present Fiumicino has some of the worst services of any international airport in Europe, let alone other parts of the world. Departing international passengers criss-cross each other looking for gates at five different terminals; international arrivals only has seven (perhaps eight?) immigration gates (of which only three are ever open). There is just one narrow exit out of the baggage reclaim areas for all international passengers, whether from the Schengen area or further afield. The shopping facilities are pathetic and the food is worse. Transport into the city