Tom Cruise returns to Rome to film Mission Impossible

Filming for Mission: Impossible resumes in Italy after bailing out of Venice in February due to covid-19.

Tom Cruise returns to Italy. From tomorrow, 6 October, filming will begin in Rome on the latest  Mission Impossible saga directed by Christopher McQuarrie, with authorisation from the city and in full respect of covid-19 prevention measures.

The producers of the movie, Lotus, say that of the approximately €35 million costs of production in Italy, more than €18 million is expected to be spent in Rome, of which the city adminstration will receive €1.1 million for various expenses including taxes, policing and rental fees.

Filming will be centred mainly on streets in the historic centre, including Via della Tribuna Campitelli, Largo Corrado Ricci and Via dei Fori imperiali, the street between the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia.

In the first days the set will mainly involve the S. Angelo district and Monti districts as well as various streets in the centre, including Via Panisperna, Via Cavalletti, Piazza Lovatelli, Via dei Funari, Via dei Serpenti and Via S. Angelo in Pescheria.

In addition to Tom Cruise, in the starring role as special agent Ethan Hunt, the cast includes Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby, who return to play their roles from previous films.

Mission Impossible 7 currently has a scheduled release date in cinemas of 19 November 2021, however this is subject to change given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

For more details about the filming in Rome, see city website.