Tightrope act over Rome's Tiber river

Andrea Loreni performs first high-wire act over Tiber in Rome.

Italian performer Andrea Loreni has become the first tightrope walker to conquer Rome's Tiber, walking along a steel wire that linked the river banks near Ponte S. Angelo, on the evening of 10 December.
Dressed in a suit and tie and connected to a safety cord, Loreni inched across the 135m-long illuminated tightrope, suspended 20 metres over the water. His daring performance was hampered by wind and rain, with added distractions caused by reflections in the Tiber below.
Loreni, from Turin, holds the record in Italy for the longest and highest cable walks. In 2011 he walked across a 250m-long wire, suspended 90m from the ground, between the hills of Penna and Billi in the northern Rimini province. Two years later he set the record for the highest crossing in Italy, 160m high, between the mountain peaks of Rocca Sbarua in the Turin region.
Loreni's performance in Rome was part of the 16th edition of the BiennaleMArteLive, a cultural festival-competition which promotes the work of emerging artists and performers.

Photo La Presse