Tiber rises to dangerous level in Rome

Flood warnings have been issued by Rome's civil protection authorities as the Tiber rises to dangerous levels in the centre of the city.

The river was already up to the arches under several bridges in the historic centre early morning on 14 November, and the speed of the water between the embankments has caused boats to slip their moorings and debris to pile up under the bridges. Some offices in the Tor di Quinto area of Rome near Ponte Milvio were being evacuated at mid-day.

Several streets in northern Rome were flooded during the night of 13 November, leading to street closures and heavy traffic on parts of Via Flaminia and Via Salaria, and the Castel Giubileo district. Via Flaminia between the Grande Raccordo Anulare and Prima Porta is closed.

The rise in the levels of the Tiber is particularly worrying because all flood gates north of Rome have been closed in order to protect the city, and there is a tail-back of flooding along the Tiber valley as far as Orte.

The river levels are the result of heavy rain in Umbria and Tuscany during the last two days.