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Thanksgiving in Rome

Thanksgiving festivities in Rome on 24 November.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday widely celebrated in Rome, but there are some places where you can enjoy traditional food and festivities on Thursday 24 November.

America’s Catholic Church in Rome, S. Susanna, hosts a special Thanksgiving Day Mass at 10.00. Due to a temporary closure the Mass will be celebrated at the nearby church of S. Camillo de Lellis, on the corner of Via Piemonte and Via Sallustiana.

The American International Club hosts its annual Thanksgiving dinner, complete with pumpkin pie, for members and guests at a restaurant on Via Appia Antica. For details, and to reserve, see website

Hard Rock Cafe, the American-style bar and grill on Via Veneto 62, hosts a special all-day-long turkey menu, with live music, for bookings see website.

Mama’s at Via Bellagio, offers traditional Thanksgiving favourites accompanied by live jazz music, at 18.30 and 21.30. See website.

Vivi Bistrot is also holding a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at 20.00 at its three locations: Villa Pamphilj, Piazza Navona, and Via delle Mercede, see website.

Thanksgiving is also celebrated at The Perfect Bun at Largo del Teatro Valle 4, the Abbey Theatre on Via del Governo Vecchio 51/53; Scholars Lounge on Via del Plebiscito 101; and the Highlander on Vicolo di S. Biagio 9.

If you fancy an extra-special Thanksgiving treat, try Imàgo, the restaurant at the exclusive Hotel Hassler at the top of the Spanish Steps. 

For those who would prefer to cook at home, the Castroni chain of shops stock many of the ingredients required for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Please note that the US embassy in Rome is closed to the public on Thanksgiving Day.

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