Taxi drivers from across Italy were due to converge on Rome on 17 July as part of ongoing protests at the governments new law that will liberalise the issuing of taxi licences. Wildcat strikes have now been ongoing since the beginning of the month when the minister for economic development, Pierluigi Bersani, announced the decree, leaving tourists and residents to rely on public transport. The latest demonstration in the capital was expected to block roads from the Aventine hill through Piazza Venezia to Piazza SS. Apostoli. Talks between union representatives and the minister were due to continue later the same day.

Italian pharmacists will meanwhile protest against the liberalization laws that apply to their services on 19 July with a nationwide shut-down. Around 17,000 businesses will be closed for the day because of a new decree that will mean drugs can be sold in supermarkets. A shift system will be in place with a pharmacy in each city open for emergencies.