St Marks Basilica in Venice can now be visited from home. A new hi-tech website ( has been created which contains over 500 pages, a thousand images, several panoramic views and a three-dimensional reconstruction of the church designed to make web-users feel they are right inside it. Due to the huge influx of tourists to the city, many visitors to the real basilica find that they cannot spend very long contemplating the works of art and architectural details inside. The aim of the new website is to allow people to visit the church at leisure, but also to provide generous background information on the works of art, the history of Venice, and the projects underway to restore the basilica, such as the raising of the floor to protect it from increasingly frequent floods. Sections of the real church which arent open to the public, such as the baptistery, the crypt and the sacristy, can be explored on-line. Useful information, such times of opening, of guided tours and of Masses is also available.

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