Rome's theatres on Metro map

Subway map highlights Rome theatres in relation to nearest metro stop.

A new map showing Rome's theatres in their proximity to the city's metro stations will be released on social media on 4 December.
Designed in a subway format, the map includes dozens of Roman theatres, listed alongside their nearest metro stops on the A, B, B1 and C lines, in an updated version of a similar map issued in 2016.
The map ranges from well-known venues such as Teatro Sistina (Barberini), Teatro Vittoria (Piramide) and Teatro Olimpia (Flaminio), to lesser-known theatres such as S. Saba's Teatro Anfitrione (Circo Massimo), Kairos Teatro (Conco d'Oro) and Teatro Tor Bella Monaca (Torre Gaia).
However there are some notable omissions in relation to smaller theatres showing English-language productions: Teatro in Portico (Garbatella), preparing to host the upcoming musical Do Re Mi, and Teatro S. Genesio (Lepanto), home to regular shows by The Rome Savoyards and Vitala Festival. In both cases the larger local theatres in either district have been listed: Teatro Palladium and Teatro Manzoni respectively. Another theatre frequented by Rome's English-speaking community - Teatro L'Arciliuto - is also missing (possibly because its Piazza Navona location is nowhere near a metro stop) but which is currently showing Don Quixotes
Meanwhile those wishing to reach Teatro dell'Opera by metro - to see Rigoletto - may have to wait for some time before Repubblica station reopens following its escalator accident in late October.
The map has been produced by Giulia sotto la metro, a website containing stories and images relating to Rome's metro network, and follows similar maps featuring parksmuseumskindergartens and police stations