Rome's rubbish burns in heatwave

Doctors advise parents to keep children off Rome streets.

"Keep children at home, especially those with allergies," the Italian Pediatric Medical Society has warned Rome parents, as the capital grapples with a rubbish crisis during a scorching heatwave.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that the hot, foul air is compounded by dioxins released from overflowing trash bins being set alight on the city's streets, with the latest incident taking place in the Torrevecchia suburb on the night of 27 June.

The doctors' warning follows a public health alert, issued by the Lazio Region, over the accumulated garbage on Rome's streets, particularly near hospitals, kindergartens and food markets.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi claims the city is under attack from criminals, with the capital's rubbish dumps and refuse treatment facilities continuing to be set ablaze while waste piles up on the city streets.

Photo TPI