Rome has once again got live examples of its symbol, the wolf, six years after the last live wolf in the city died from old age. Not just one wolf but five wolves have been adopted by the Biopark (the new name for Rome zoo) and will be on show to the general public from 6 January.

The wolves, five brothers, were saved by the city when an SOS was put on the internet by a zoo in Rijeka in Croatia. The five, which were born in captivity, were being kept in cages and since the zoo was bankrupt they were threatened with starvation. The Biopark has been paying for the upkeep of the animals for several months and they finally arrived in Rome a month ago.

The wolves were recently released into their new accommodation, 1,600 sqm of parkland with trees, dens and even a small lake. The Biopark has also taken two bears and three tigers from the Croatian zoo, the animals are due to arrive in Rome in the near future. Roma Bioparco, Giardino Zoologico di Roma, Viale del Giardino Zoologico 20, 00197 Roma,

Tel.063614015 or visit.