Rome's mosquitoes to be controlled by swallows

Rome protects the nests of swallows, martins and swifts.

Rome has brought in new legislation protecting its swallows which it says will encourage the environmentally sustainable control of tiger mosquitoes instead of disinfecting using harmful chemicals.
The legislation, billed as strengthening the city's biodiversity, bans the destruction of nests belonging to the city's swallows, martins and swifts. It also obliges builders to use "rough plaster at a 90 degree angle" under cornices to facilitate nesting, and prohibits Rome residents from placing objects such as ladders within two metres of the birds' nests.
The news has been welcomed by environmentalists but was met with criticism on social media amid claims it is the city council's latest "folly" after the decision to draft in sheep and cows to control the capital's overgrown parks.See related article.