The world premiere of Woody Allen's latest movie "To Rome with Love" was screened at Rome's Auditorium Parco della Musica on 13 April. Along with the director, the film's all-star cast lined up on the red carpet before viewing the film in the Sala Sinopoli.

Comprising four separate story lines, the first episode sees Alec Baldwin play a noted architect on holiday in Rome where he is reminded of his youth after meeting Jack, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

In the second story, Allen plays a retired director in Rome to promote the career of an opera singer who only performs in private.

The third episode stars Roberto Benigni who, inexplicably, becomes famous overnight.

In the last story, Penelope Cruz plays a high-class escort who knocks on the wrong hotel room door with comic consequences.

Allen says his movie is a tribute to the classic Italian films that influenced him in his early career, although he was critical of Italian cinema authorities for refusing to use subtitles, dubbing the movie instead. He described Rome as exotic but intriguing and confounding to Americans.

Scheduled for nationwide release on 20 April, the movie will open the Los Angeles Film Festival on 14 June. It was filmed in locations around Rome last summer and follows Allen