Rome waves slow farewell to the rosetta

Classic bread roll in continuing decline in Rome.

Rome's bakeries are producing fewer and fewer rosette, the rose-shaped hollow white bread roll, which has been in decline over the past few years.

The average daily production of the classic bread roll in Roman bakeries has dropped from 50 kg to 20 kg, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Only the historic bakeries - mostly in Rome's suburbs - continue to bake the humble rosetta, with many of the city-centre bakeries catering towards customers who want a "more refined, healthier" option, reports ANSA.

Bakers say that in addition to following new consumer demands, the production of rosette requires a special machine and a longer processing time to prepare the bread.

This downward trend was confirmed by Claudio Conti, president of the Assipan Italian Bakery Association, who told ANSA that the reduced production of the rosetta must also be viewed in the broader picture of a general decrease in the consumption of bread in the Italy of today.