Rome water reduction expected on 4 September

Police seize illegal water pumping systems from Lake Bracciano.
Plans to reduce Rome's water pressure at night could be introduced on Monday 4 September, according to Italian news agency ANSA.
The measures, being taken by the city's water authority ACEA in response to Italy's ongoing drought, will reportedly affect 90 areas of the capital between 23.30 and 05.00.
The move comes as police seized 20 illegal water pumping systems from private properties around Lake Bracciano, with 20 people facing potential charges of environmental crimes.
Located north of Rome, Lake Bracciano is an important but recently much-depleted source of potable water for the capital. Earlier this summer its declining water levels placed it in the middle of a tug-of-war between Rome mayor Virginia Raggi - who wanted to keep water flowing into the city - and the Lazio Region governor Nicola Zingaretti who wanted the pumps turned off. In the end Rome was saved from the threat of water rationing after Italy's environment ministry intervened on the grounds that it presented a risk to public health and tourism.