Rome water pressure reduction plan put on standby

ACEA to assess water situation in Rome day by day.
The plan to reduce Rome's water pressure at night, which had been expected to take effect from 4 September, is now on hold, according to Italian news agency ANSA.
The water reduction plan - in response to Italy's prolonged drought - remains on standby but will not be implemented in the immediate future. Instead the city's water authority ACEA will assess the situation day by day.
The change of plan was prompted by several factors including the completion of key maintenance works and the recent drop in temperature leading to a reduced demand for water. The city's water authority ACEA is now assessing the situation day by day.
If implemented the plan would reportedly affect water pressure in 90 areas of the capital, between 23.30 and 05.00, with potential water supply problems for residents in higher-level buildings.
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Photo Corriere della Sera

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