Rome seeks home for Orso the dog

Rome launches dog adoption campaign.

Orso, a five-year-old dog, is the star of a video campaign designed to promote the adoption of dogs from Rome's municipal kennels.

The poignant video sees Orso - whose name means 'Bear' in English - explain that he loves company and would adore the freedom of running around in wide-open spaces.

"Speaking of space, this place is not the best" - says Orso - "but I know no different because I have been here since I was two years old."

Entitled #apriilcancello (open the gate), the campaign's aim is to raise awareness about the kennel's long-term residents who are desperate to be part of a family, stating: "A dog is not an object but a new family member who needs care and respect."

The star of last year's video campaign, 16-year-old Thor, was adopted after spending 11 years housed in kennels in the Muratella suburb of Rome.

A more recent case with a happy ending involved Filippo, a little dog abandoned on a city bus in November. A high-profile adoption appeal generated more than 100 offers but in the end his new family was chosen simply because they were also open to adopting other dogs - not just Filippo.

Volunteers at the kennels say that cases such as that of Filippo, Thor and Orso draw attention to the other 570 dogs at Muratella who are waiting for their chance of happiness in a loving home.

For information about Muratella kennels, including how to dog adoption, see Canili di Roma website. For in-depth information on how to adopt a dog from Rome's kennels see Wanted in Rome feature article. 

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Rome seeks home for Orso the dog

Via della Magliana, 856H, 00148 Roma RM, Italy