Rome Opera House dancers train at home

Training never stops for the dancers of Rome's opera house.

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma is closed, due to Italy's Coronavirus emergency, but that hasn't stopped its dancers and ballerinas from their training programme which has moved from the splendour of the opera house to their own homes.

This new domestic training environment has its perks - no commute and the chance to enjoy a home-brewed cup of coffee - however it also presents its unique challenges, namely little children and dogs, who can't resist joining in.

Teatro dell'Opera has released an endearing video of its quarantined dancers, practicing what they do best, while also reading and doing the household chores, many of them accompanied in their work-outs by their partners and children.

Set to the music of Strauss's The blue Danube, the video concludes with the dancers - including the head of dance at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Eleonora Abbagnato - uniting in their appeal to respect Italy's quarantine measures with the message #IoRestoaCasa (I stay at home).