The bodies of the 19 Italians killed by a bomb attack in Nassiriya in the south of Iraq, which were flown back to Rome on Saturday evening, will lie in state in the Victor Emmanuel Monument, the last resting place of the Unknown Soldier, in Piazza Venezia, on Monday 17 November. Members of the public will be able to pay their respects all day and throughout the night, before the coffins begin their journey to St Paul's outside the Walls at 09.30 on Tuesday 18 November. A state funeral will begin at 11.00 local time in the basilica, and will be broadcast on large screens to mourners outside the church. Roads around St Paul's will be closed to private traffic from 08.30, but public transport will be free 10.00-14.00 to enable the public to take part in the ceremony. A minutes silence will be held in schools across the country during the funeral and shops in Italys capital will lower their shutters in a sign of respect, while on the night of 18 November the Colosseum will remain in the dark. Thirteen Carabinieri, four army soldiers and two Italian civilians were killed when a suicide bomb exploded in the Italian compound in Nassiriya on 12 November.